Culture & Values

American School Chittagong values multiculturalism, open-mindedness, and equality for all its students regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. These are fundamental Montessori, American and Bangladeshi values, which foster politeness, refinement, kindness, and compassion. Moreover, the proper cosmopolitan frame that we are exposing our students to could not neglect the national part of the school’s origin and at the same time host country for some of our students.

It is for this exact reason, in addition to providing a full American curriculum, ASC is committed to serve the unique Bangladeshi culture, language, and values to all of its students. We will teach students to read and write the “Bangla” language. We also will incorporate the rich cultural history of Bangladesh so that our students will never feel out of place when they interact with the community.

At ASC we respect all religious values; and for this reason we intend to provide optional – and according to demand – after-school, religion classes. (However, extra charges may apply)