The comprehensive curriculum is based on that of the State of Ohio under the auspices of The United States Department of Education. Our curriculum is fully transferable if a student needs to move to another school in US, Canada or any other country. Most of our textbooks are from USA, and from North American Montessori Center. Keeping the local culture, values, and heritage in mind, we also use textbooks that reflect and teach those principles. For the students, this mimics the 21st century world where the use of technology to accomplish project work or their observation of nature and science reports is the norm, not the exception.

We have added classes for music, art, theater, graphics, technology, and foreign language to expand students’ exposure to cultures and the arts. Our teachers submit lesson plans and track each student’s progress for reporting to parents. We encourage parents to actively partner with us to ensure their child’s growth. As the saying goes “it takes a whole village to raise a child”; ASC concurs that it will take the school, the teachers, and the parents to develop our children into the best that they can be!

We are affiliated with the American Standard International School (ASIS) in Dhaka following the same books and curriculum. This means that if any of our students have to move to Dhaka they will be able to follow the same study material and books in there. In 2015, the school received approval to offer Cambridge Ordinary and Advanced Level Exam preparation by the British Council and Cambridge International Exams. Students and their guardians can also opt to complete secondary education (grades 9-12) under the Cambridge examination system after completion of Grade 8.  It  recently began the approval process to offer the Diploma Program of International Baccalaureate Organization (, too.