Faculty & Administration

ASC has foreign and domestic faculty members with diverse sets of experience and expertise. They are selected not only for their occupational dedication and talent, but also for their skills and attitude in teamwork. Being the most important members of the school team, they are depended upon for ideas, guidance, and evaluations referring to building new programs, while forming policies, and managing the care of the student body.

Most of our school stakeholders and our top administrators possess degrees from USA, Europe, Asia and the most prestigious universities in Bangladesh. Some of our administrators have experience working with renowned organizations and groups all over the world. The administrative division looks out and plans diligently so that the operation of the school is efficient, safeguarding that the education given to our school children is thorough.

The school staff is highly disciplined and held accountable for the maintenance and cleanliness of the building, grounds, and equipments. They, too, are charged with the responsibility of supervising the students and intervening to eliminate any unsafe behavior or situation. Their daily cleaning routines go beyond the floors and dustbins to include wiping furniture and equipment with disinfectant to avoid the spread of germs.

Finally, the administrators see their roles as supportive of the work of others. Whereas sometimes correction or discipline of employees becomes necessary, the directors resolve to be as helpful as possible to all employees. Indeed, our school is a productive organization that functions together as an integrated unit, dedicated to achieve the organization’s mission. No one at ASC will remain employed for long without loyalty to the school, to the mission, or to the families we serve.