Message from Principal

Personally, I feel extremely privileged with the education I have managed to have. My dedication to Education and Culture as such started in Greece and especially with my work on my Tourist guide Diploma. My involvement with Classical Archaeology and Classics was a smooth transition after that.

My years in London and especially in university College London have sealed me as an individual with the global aspect of culture I was exposed to. It was there that I was initiated in acquiring education by reaching for the basics, researching and observing while recording my comprehension in every step of its development . thus, Education is obtained by sharing concepts and developing on them. I was encouraged always by my college to work in schools in London and share my approach to learning in Art and Cultural Subjects which I enjoyed immensely. With my Montessori Training my teaching formed in terms of directing and guiding learners to achieve on their own pace something that I have been developing ever since with my students.

In my 28 years of experience in providing education, developing on the raw matter of mental potential of learners and accompanying them in their process to reach intellectual formation is my fascination. I consider it a process of mental exercise for learners and educators enriching both parts.

Finally, my son has been a great training for me, too, as he is a Dyslexic and of the Attention Deficit Disorder spectrum. Going with him through English Greek and American curriculum at pre primary, primary and secondary education reaching to university has been my best postgraduate training in the field of learning ever.