Student Counseling & Tutoring

ASC provides student counseling and school tutoring to ensure that a child who is falling behind can catch up with the classes of his or her grade. Our project work orientation is in itself the best coaching and learning experience ever.

In the Montessori principles our students are encouraged to observe and report their observation researching with guidance their subjects of study. Science, Space and Environment are fundamental sections and the core of our study material involving mathematical reasoning and language all the time. Most of the work is conducted in class in the form of individual instruction, guiding each student in developing his or her awareness, independence and judgment. Once most of our study, project work and revision of the instruction are taking place in class, there is minimal of homework for our students to take home allowing them to enjoy quality time with their parents and bond even more with the whole family. Our cooperation with parents is very essential in order to exercise uniformity of the learning style and to keep our students challenged and stimulated, regarding what we study and search in our project work so as this to be extended at home in a range of manners, too. We also work with parents to track and ensure each child’s progress so as with their assistance be able to identify areas of improvement.

There is a growing concern referring to the corruption factor involved and mental impairment that unnecessary coaching may cause to the cognitive development of a child. Considering all these we conceive it as immoral on our part and a fault in encouraging or using “coaching” services. Thus, at ASC we have a “NO COACHING” policy, which testifies that it is our responsibility to see that the students learn, master their study material and grow at an effective pace. Students will not suffer duplicated pressure to learn, and parents will incur neither additional expense for coaching nor added logistics for getting their child to a coaching center.